Award Nomination and/or Application Form

The RFUANZ Industry Excellence Awards will be presented at the 2021 RFUANZ Gala Dinner. Nominations will close early April 2021. 


If you wish to nominate an individual or apply yourself please complete the form below, provide the supporting documentation and read and accept the terms and conditions for the awards application.

Please send in a separate nomination/application form for each person and each award. Even if you want to nominate one person for multiple awards, separate forms are to be used as the criteria and supporting documents are different per award.

If you are nominating an individual or company please ensure you have been granted permission to do so. Equally, if you make any reference to customers or other third parties please ensure they consent to their reference in the nomination /application and, if successful, in publication on the website afterward.
All nominees will be acknowledged on the evening, with a finalist & winner announced on stage. Our judges score against a robust points system that identifies the top nominations in each category. 

In order for your nomination/application to be accepted the application form needs to be completed with all supporting documentation provided at the same time.

Click here to view example nomination applications to understand what is required to be successful. 

Click here to view the marking Criteria.

Click here to read about the Award Categories.

Nominee details

Nominator details

If you are not a current member you are not permitted to make make nominations. You are allowed to nominate non-members but you must be a member to make a nomination yourself. If you are unsure please contact Candice -
If you do not accept the Award Terms & Conditions, your application/submission will not be accepted.

Details of the Nomination/Application

The details about the nominee/applicant and the relevant project and experience that are to be provided must be suitable to allow the judges to review the application based on the applicable award criteria.

You can upload separate attachments to fully describe the nominee / applicant . This can be of any length and can include letters of reference, curriculum vitae, drawings and data, reports, photographs and suchlike).

A member of the judging panel may contact nominator and/or nominee/ applicant for further details or clarification.

Please provide a detailed description of why this person deserves the award. You may upload additional information if required.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx tar zip.