Expression of Interest - Training Program Registration

RFUANZ is pleased to announce that SKILLS NZ advised ETEC, the training module has now been NZQA approved.

We are now seeking expressions of interest from those of you who wish to take part in this training scheme. 
The enrollment form is included here on our web site. This information taken here, will then be passed on to the account manager at SKILLS NZ who in turn will formalise the training with those interested.

At this stage we anticipate the course will commence with Installers Course Level 4 and start in the first quarter of 2017. 

Further information on the course format, details of the Unit Standards required etc will be forthcoming, when available. 
In the meantime, RFUANZ would like to get the ball rolling with an expression of interest from parties as soon as possible.

The course will be on line correspondence style with an ability for students to group together on line, to discuss topics with the Tutor, probably on a weekly basis.

Registration from