How the Awards are Marked

service to the industry – sponsored by Tait Communications

This award recognises dedication to enriching the radio/wireless communications industry through years of service and the education and mentoring of colleagues.

Proof of superior and sustained commitment to the NZ radio industry 50 POINTS
Demonstration of leadership 10 POINTS
Learning and knowledge sharing 15 POINTS
Promotion of the NZ radio communications industry 10 POINTS
Testimonials 15 POINTS

project excellence – sponsored by Logic Wireless

This award recognises excellence in engineering and project management and acknowledges innovative projects. It highlights the importance of professional engineering and project management in achieving high performance in projects.

Project objectives defined and met 35 POINTS
Meets budget and schedule objectives of the project 15 POINTS
The degree of complexity of the project compared to other nominees 15 POINTS
Usefulness of the project outcome to the wider community and industry 10 POINTS
Operational performance on completion 10 POINTS
Testimonials 15 POINTS

technical excellence - sponsored by Canterbury Communications

This award is open to all RFUANZ technicians, engineers and technical staff. This award recognises a dedication and passion for wireless communication.

Innovative solutions that demonstrate they meet customer needs 45 POINTS
Responsiveness 10 POINTS
Customer satisfaction 10 POINTS
Integrity 10 POINTS
Resourcefulness 10 POINTS
Testimonials 15 POINTS

excellent customer service – sponsored by Vertex Standard

This award is open to all RFUANZ customer service, administration and receptionist staff who go out of their way to provide exceptional service and ongoing support to their customers.

Customer satisfaction 45 POINTS
Resourcefulness 10 POINTS
Integrity 15 POINTS
Long term customer relationships 15 POINTS
Testimonials 15 POINTS

outstanding sales and support – sponsored by Hytera Communications

This award is open to all RFUANZ sales professionals who consistently meet sales targets, have a flair for developing new business relationships and provide outstanding sales support to their customers.

Continuous contribution to the maintenance and growth of customer relationship 45 POINTS
Understanding the customers’ requirements 10 POINTS
Customer satisfaction 10 POINTS
Integrity and delivering on the promise 10 POINTS
Repeat business 10 POINTS
Testimonials 15 POINTS

innovation in the industry – sponsored by Motorola Solutions

The award is designed to recognise those who have used radio/wireless communication (digital and analogue) in a new and innovative way contributing to the continued development of the wireless communication industry.

Increased significance of the Radio Communications Industry

Innovation, what sets this apart from routine work 35 POINTS
Resourcefulness 10 POINTS
Performance improvement 10 POINTS
Increased significance of the Radio Communications Industry 10 POINTS
Offer a new or different way of solving a problem 10 POINTS
Use existing technology in a new way and/or new technology in a pre-existing application 10 POINTS
Testimonials 15 POINTS

employee of the year

This award is open to all employees of the radio related industry, to recognise those individuals who enhance a company culture, consistently work hard to achieve exceptional results, who go above and beyond their call of duty and who are a pleasure to work with. This award recognises those employees whose positive contribution and impact to the business is undeniable.

Goes beyond the call of duty 25 POINTS
Consistently available to help others 15 POINTS
Loyal, reliable and goal oriented 20 POINTS
Shows initiative 25 POINTS
Testimonials 15 POINTS