November Update 2019

2019 - 2020 RFUANZ Partners - Thank you for your support!

As you will know, RFUANZ is excited to host next years Gala Dinner back at Te Papa.
We have had a number of generous companies come forward to partner with RFUANZ to support the 2020 event. We still have a number of positions available, so please do make contact with Candice or Debby to secure yours!
We would like to thank you, partners, below for their ongoing support - it is truly appreciated.  




Want to join the PARTNERSHIP CLUB?! Why not - get involved!

RFUANZ has a number of partnership positions available for the upcoming year. Please make contact with Candice or Debby to secure your place - they are going quickly. Thank you to all the companies that have already secured their positions for 2020 - we truly appreciate the ongoing support. 
Silver Partners - 2 Remaining

Silver Partners are a fantastic away to gain exposure at the Gala Dinner while being mindful of your marketing budget.
Your company logo and two images will be projected to our 200+ guests throughout the evening. You will also gain year-round exposure through the RFUANZ website, social media & digital email campaigns.
Thank you to our Silver Partners to date.


Bronze Partners - 4 Remaining

Bronze Partners are a fantastic away to gain exposure at the Gala Dinner at a reduces investment cost.
Your company logo will be projected to our 200+ guests throughout the evening as well as your logo displayed a gala dinner table. We also display your logo on the RFUANZ website for 12 months. 


Thank you to our Bronze Partners to date.





Become an Approved Radio Engineer or Approved Radio Certifier

• Do you need access to the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) to help your radio clients to apply for, certify, modify or cancel a radio or spectrum licence?
• Are you a radio dealer, or involved in providing radio communications in a particular sector?
• Do you fit the criteria to be an Approved Person?
Read about the criteria to become an Approved Person

In 2020 Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) will offer workshops to assist competent persons in the radio communications industry to become an Approved Radio Engineer (ARE) or Approved Radio Certifier (ARC).
Application Packs will be updated soon. There is no fee for competent persons to be trained.
When we receive your application, we'll check it to make sure you meet the criteria. Following vetting, RSM will hold workshops in two phases.
• Phase 1: existing/active ARCs wanting to become an ARE – workshops offered late January 2020 to March 2020.
• Phase 2: new ARCs (first time) – workshops offered early May 2020 to July 2020.
The workshop for new ARCs is planned for delivery in conjunction with the Radio Frequency Users Association of New Zealand (RFUANZ).
Further details will follow, or apply via the link above.
Questions, can be emailed to

Basic Radio Operation - What your customer needs to know

By John Laughton
A common thing when handing a radio to a customer for the first time. How do I use it? What does this button do? How long will the battery last?
Its easy when you're in the industry to think that people are having a laugh but the reality is if it doesn't have a touch screen or a keypad it's just a random piece of plastic and how can I possibly get any value out of it.
The manager, owner or Forman instantly sees the benefit but the worker just sees the boss getting one over on them. Giving the group a quick introduction to radios' can result in fading out, unhelpful tangents and a belief that a simple thing is way to complex for the average worker. Once a user starts to operate the radio and get comfortable in its operation then a whole new range of problems can arise from a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of confidence becoming a dangerous situation. This situation is mostly produced by workers that have used radios in a previous role but may not necessarily know what the new system is capable of or how it actually operates. Perceived coverage problems, radio operation problems, and poor battery management. This results in the radios not living up to expectations and can result in fruitless hours of fault-finding a system.
Some basic understanding of how radio works and the way the system is designed for the user is well worth a few more minutes with the customer. What is the difference between a simplex, repeater or network? What are the possible common problems that can be explained right from the beginning? How do the chargers work? What's the best way to hold a radio and where do you talk into. PUSH AND HOLD THE TRANSMIT BUTTON THEN START TALKING.
There are a few good courses on the market. The one that instantly comes to mind is a marine radio operator's certificate. But now we're getting way over the top. If this is sounding familiar then please let us know as we can start to develop a basic commercial radio operation course for users.