Radio Frequency in NZ, July 2017


Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd May 2018, Auckland

Well winter has hit with some severity this month across both islands, we hope that you are all keeping safe and warm! The 2018 Comms Connect conference and RFUANZ gala dinner will be held next year in Auckland on Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd of May 2018. That’s right, Auckland next year not Wellington. Conference and exhibition lead organiser Paul Davis says of the move, ‘After years running the conference and exhibition in Wellington, feedback suggested that 2018 might be a good time to run the event to Auckland. Stakeholders spoken to were supportive of the change of scenery, offering in part a different audience and new opportunities. It’s not a permanent move, but one that may see a visit in alternate years depending on the response we see’.    

For further information or to book space and sponsorship for the conference/exhibition please contact Paul Davis: or on +61432 269 747 

Our Gala Dinner venue is still being finalised but this will be held on Wednesday 2nd May at venue close to Sky City. Candice & Debby will release more information in the coming weeks. For any questions please feel free to contact Candice - click here to email. 

Licence to Supply Radio Transmitters 

If you are new the industry you may have over looked a requirement of Radio Spectrum Management regarding the supply of radio transmitters. If you import, resupply, lease, hire or hire purchase radio transmitters then you need to hold a license to supply radio transmitters. Don’t panic if you have overlooked this, just click here and fill out the form. A license normally takes 3 – 4 working days to be granted.

If you are a radio dealer that has ‘sub dealers’, or resellers around your region it would be good to check that they too hold a license to supply.

Radio Theft
Corey Weir, Chairman

Radio theft has been a problem in our region of late with many radio terminals being stolen from work sites in various industries. As technology improves there are now more ways than ever to protect your customers assets from theft and or aid in their recovery. Many brands now support GPS tracking which can allow for monitoring of portable radios via a local network. Other options are to lock the radio with a programming password to restrict reading or writing of the radios data file, the hope is here that the radio will be brought in to a local dealer for reprogramming and hopefully recovered at that point. 

Some brands also allow for a pin code to be put in by the user on powerup to unlock the radio for use. The tried and true engraving and branding of equipment is also still a good option. All of these measures can act as deterrents or barriers to the resale of stolen goods.

RFUANZ is looking at offering a register that it will maintain on behalf of its members of stolen radio equipment in New Zealand. Access to the register would be for members only. The aim of this register would be to allow a quick check to be performed by members of suspicious equipment it the hope to recover more stolen equipment