Radio Frequency in NZ, March 2017

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Use of PRS UHF CB Radios in Industry

Discussion Point

Many industries are using entry level Citizen Band (CB) radios for commercial use. In most cases, this use does not pose any direct risk to those entities. However, there are many organisations that do place their staff and businesses at risk by using the Personal Radio Service (PRS) channels for critical or sensitive communication. For example traffic control, crane control, oversize load piloting, schools, child care facilities (to name a few). Using a public access channel for critical communications does not breach the GURL, however it does pose health and safety risks when channel access is open to anyone. 

What is the opinion of the membership on this topic? Do you feel that PRS channels should be allowed for commercial purposes? Should the GURL conditions be changed?

If someone was killed/seriously injured because a car was let through an intersection as a result of a member of the public saying "GO" for a laugh, on the same channel as a traffic control team then who is to blame? Please send your thoughts on this topic. 

Corey Weir