RFUANZ Committee Meeting with RSM 28th September

The RFUANZ committee wish to advise that the meeting to be held in Wellington on the 28th September, is primarily an RFUANZ committee meeting.

RSM have been invited to attend for only a small part of the day for the purpose of updating us on topics advised in the September Newsletter.

  • Implementation of the new license fee structure and methods of payment. E.g. Direct Debit
  • New Technologies in the Industry and RSM preparedness.
  • Band 3 (174 – 230 MHz) Further developments
  • Access to SMART (read only) for businesses to review new & pending channel allocations.
  • The future of the TS & TX bands in NZ.

Given the timing of the meeting and the upcoming election, we believe an industry forum with RSM in attendance, will be required late November or early December to expand on these topics, at which time we will send out an invitation for all members and industry related businesses to attend. Next weeks meeting will allow us to hopefully map a dedicated forum.
The band three allocation is of the utmost importance to our industry and members. For this reason we believe that a dedicated forum needs to be held later in the year, to concentrate on the management and allocations of this spectrum, and ensure that RSM is fully aware of the industry requirements.

Please express your interest if you wish to attend this future forum.