RFUANZ Training During COVID-19 - April 2020

Keeping You In The Loop

The RFUANZ committee wanted to keep you in the loop with the updates/decisions we have been making behind the scenes. It’s very difficult for anyone to predict how next week might look, let alone the next few months. All we can do is try our best with the circumstances we are dealt with.

We are following CommsConnect’s lead and are working towards the Gala Dinner taking place on the 28th of October, however as you are all very aware, this is an ever-changing climate and we need to be flexible and thinking of alternative ways to come together & celebrate those in our industry. Within the last 4 weeks, this date has already moved once and we cannot guarantee it won’t move again, however, we hope to gain more clarity after the government’s announcement in the next few days. We are requesting you pencil in a provisional date of the 28th October and over the next few weeks, we will keep you updated with any developments.

Regardless of whether our dinner is able to physically take place this year, we are working on ideas to deliver a virtual awards presentation if the situation arises where we cannot bring a large group of individuals together in one place. The RFUANZ Industry Excellence Awards have been going for many years now and it’s important to recognise and celebrate those in our industry – whether that be in person or via streaming.

Myself & the committee would like to personally thank you for your understanding during this time. We know its hard. We understand your pressures.

Nominate for Industry Excellence Awards

We have extended the date for the RFUANZ Industry Excellence Award Nominations. The awards will now close on the 10th August! This gives you a few extra months to get your nominations in. There is no better time to nominate than right now!



In these uncertain times, it is difficult to confirm an exact date for the RFUANZ Gala Dinner, however as advised to our partners earlier, it is hoped that this will go ahead on the 28th of October this year. Regarding the holding of our Annual General Meeting - again, this will be dependent on the above, should it not be possible to continue with the meeting, usually held at Comms Connect, the RFUANZ committee has considered alternatives to hold the meeting, a requirement of our current Rules Clause 6.1. The committee has agreed, that a virtual AGM will be held on the 11th of November 2020 at 4 pm via ZOOM. In compliance with our Rules, matters for discussion will include:
  • Receipt from the Committee of a report, balance sheet, and statement of accounts for the preceding year.
  • The election of the Committee.
  • Consideration of the Membership Fee for the coming year and recommendation to the incoming committee.
  • ​Consideration of any proposed special resolution of Members which must have been received by the Secretary in writing at least 20 Working Days before the date of the meeting unless it is proposed by the Committee.
  • General business.

RSM – Repeater Licensing Renewals

After receiving notice from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), RFUANZ has approached RSM to determine if leniency can be applied to businesses in the industry for licensing renewals.

MBIE/RSM have advised that this is not a priority for them at this time, therefore we urge all members to contact us if you are experiencing financial difficulty at this time, as we may be able to work with them on a case by case basis.
Debby Morgan RFUANZ Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer

Training Opportunities

The world we are currently living in is unlike anything most of us have experienced before. We understand this is a stressful time for many businesses but we encourage you to make the most of the time to continue upskilling yourself & workforce. Through Shift E-Tec and our partner network, we have listed a number of training & self-lead study links below to share with your workforce and encourage staff to make the most of this opportunity to continue growing their skillset and knowledge base.


NZ Certificate in Electrotechnology (Level 3)

Now would be the perfect time to sign up to the Shift E-Tec Electrotechnology Level 3 course. Skilled people from the Electrotechnology, Radio Frequency Users and New Zealand Security industries have collaborated to design the New Zealand Certificate in Electrotechnology Level 3 to ensure it’s fit for purpose. There are 2 programmes to choose from and 2 strand options for each programme:
  • The Electrotechnology programme, with an Installation or Service strand
  • The Electronic Security programme, with an Installation or Service strand
The course cost is $3,750 approximately (dependent on strand selected), however, yourself or your employee may qualify for ZERO FEES.
To read more about the course please CLICK HERE.
To find our more about ZERO FEES, please CLICK HERE.

Self-Lead Learning Opportunities

There are a number of resources online that are FREE and allow your team to continue developing their knowledge base. Follow the links below to helpful resources from our partners.