RFUANZ Training During Lockdown - April 2020

Training Opportunities during COVID-19

The world we are currently living in is unlike anything most of us have experienced before. We understand this is a stressful time for many businesses but we encourage you to make the most of the time to continue upskilling yourself & workforce. Through Shift E-Tec and our partner network, we have listed a number of training & self-lead study links below to share with your workforce and encourage staff to make the most of this opportunity to continue growing their skillset and knowledge base.

NZ Certificate in Electrotechnology (Level 3)

Now would be the perfect time to sign up to the Shift E-Tec Electrotechnology Level 3 course. Skilled people from the Electrotechnology, Radio Frequency Users and New Zealand Security industries have collaborated to design the New Zealand Certificate in Electrotechnology Level 3 to ensure it’s fit for purpose. There are 2 programmes to choose from and 2 strand options for each programme:
  • The Electrotechnology programme, with an Installation or Service strand
  • The Electronic Security programme, with an Installation or Service strand
The course cost is $3,750 approximately (dependent on strand selected), however, yourself or your employee may qualify for ZERO FEES.
To read more about the course please CLICK HERE.
To find our more about ZERO FEES, please CLICK HERE.

Self-Lead Learning Opportunities

There are a number of resources online that are FREE and allow your team to continue developing their knowledge base. Follow the links below to helpful resources from our partners.