RUANZ Award Nominations - March 2020

Industry Excellence Awards - Nominate today!
Nominations are now open for the industry excellence awards. Be sure to nominate or apply for these prestigious awards.
There are 6 categories available.
Nominations close Friday 10th April at 5pm

Lifetime Service Award
This award recognises dedication to enriching the radio/wireless communications industry through years of service and the education and mentoring of colleagues.

Project Excellence
This award recognises excellence in engineering and project management and acknowledges innovative projects. It highlights the importance of professional engineering and project management in achieving high performance in projects.

Technical Excellence
This award is open to all RFUANZ technicians, engineers and technical staff. This award recognises a dedication and passion for wireless communication.

Outstanding Sales, Support & Service
This award is open to all RFUANZ sales or administration professionals who consistently meet sales targets, have a flair for developing new business relationships and provide exceptional service and ongoing support to their customers.

Employee Of The Year
This award is open to all employees of the radio related industry, to recognise those individuals who enhance a company culture, consistently work hard to achieve exceptional results, who go above and beyond their call of duty and who are a pleasure to work with. This award recognises those employees whose positive contribution and impact to the business is undeniable.

Apprentice/Trainee Of The Year
The award is designed to recognise those who are undergoing an apprenticeship or training within the industry. They show promise, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. These individuals are the future of our industry and are passionate about wireless communications.  


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