September Update 2019

2020 Invitation To Sponsor

Planning for the 2020 Gala Dinner is well underway, with the event taking place on the Wednesday 6th May 2020, at Te Papa, Wellington. The Marae is the perfect backdrop for another fantastic Gala Dinner. The event will be organised by Candice Van Dyk and Debby Morgan and together they have some exciting sponsorship opportunities for your business.

What Opportunites Are Available?

After a successful 2019 event, we look forward to continuing to build on the success and ensure positive exposure for your sponsorship investment in 2020.
We have a number of sponsorship levels for you to select from depending on your strategy and budget. Whether you are looking to make your mark on the 2020 event, cement your involvement & commitment to the industry, or increase your profile, we believe there are a number of affordable options for you to become involved and raise your company's awareness in the industry.
In order to ensure we represent the industry fairly and give all companies the opportunity to sponsor the event,  we will be offering sponsorship positions to our network to call for expressions of interest. Sponsorship positions will be allocated on a 'first in, first-served basis'.  Please contact Candice or Debby to secure your position.  

Current Members - Appear on the RFUANZ Website

Are you a RFUANZ member, and would you like your company promoted on the RFUANZ website? We have established a 'Current Members' page to list your company & a link to your website. Please email to be included on this page.

Join the RFUANZ Members Facebook Forum

Do you have a view on Single Frequency Repeaters, if so, we would love to hear from you on our Facebook Members forum page?  In particular the importance of protection from interference and how it is obtained. Single Frequency Repeaters using DMR technology.
RFUANZ view is that RSM just needs to acknowledge the technology, the economic benefits to New Zealand and make it known that they can be used on Simplex channels. What do you think? Tell us over on our Facebook Forum. 

Comms Connect New Zealand 2020, May 6-7 Wellington – Share your successes

Have you ever considered sharing a success story with your peers and users of radio communications, but didn’t get around to it, or you weren’t sure what was required? It’s really quite straightforward, so please contact us to discuss how you could get more involved, we’d really like to hear from you if you’ve got a story to tell, a case study to share, or a novel way that you applied technology for a customer.
Comms Connect New Zealand is your chance to share your team’s expertise and to show others what can be achieved with a bit of creativity, determination and hard work.  
Please contact Paul Davis to share your ideas –