Radio Frequency in NZ, January 2016

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2016. We hope you have had a good Festive Season and provide best wishes 2016

Nominations open for the 2016 RFUANZ Awards

The Conference and Dinner is less than 3 months away and we have opened up the nominations for the Awards.

We know there have been many people doing outstanding jobs in the past year and it has been a busy time as well with the narrowbanding deadline. So this is an excellent time to award those who went the extra mile.

Do you know someone who has been doing great work in the Radio Industry? Awards are made in six categories:  service to the Industry, outstanding Sales and Support, technical excellence, project excellence, customer service, or innovation in the industry.

You can find more information as well as the criteria for each award on the RFUANZ Awards page.

Please apply or nominate some-one for an award via our website. A link is provided on the awards page.

Workshop for new Health & Safety Regulations

In April the new Health & Safety Act will come into effect which has an impact on our industry as well. There is a good amount of information available about the new Act but it is not always easy to understand what the impact is for our industry.

RFUANZ has been discussing the specifics for our industry with Health and Safety Experts and is considering organising one or more workshops in which experts will outline what this means for our industry and how we can best respond to it. The workshop will be very interactive and allow you to ask questions and discuss scenarios relevant for you.

If you are interested in attending such a workshop, please send an e-mail to with your details.

If there is sufficient interest we will organise workshops at different places around the country to reduce travel time and cost for those attending.

There will also be a presentation about the new Act at the Comms Connect Wellington conference.

Licence Fee Framework

The deadline for submission son the License Fee Framework passed in December. RFUANZ has sent in a submission and you download a copy of the submission (PDF, 410 KB).

Radio Spectrum Compliance

In December RSM did send an open letter to RF equipment users, in which Fadia Mudafar, the Compliance Officer at RSM, reminds users that you are only allowed to operate radio equipment with licensed frequencies.

We have received a few questions about this letter and like to clarify that your radio equipment should only contain programmed frequencies that you are authorised to use. This authorisation can be because you have a license for this frequency or you have an authorisation from the license holder to use this frequency and you operate within the conditions of this license.

RFUANZ does recommend that if you do utilise frequencies licensed by a third parties, you have a written authorisation from this third party which does include any conditions of use for this frequency.

Registrations for the 2016 RFUANZ Gala Dinner and Awards Night

The 2016 Dinner and Awards night is organised by RFUANZ on Thursday the 14th of April in the        Te Wharewaka venue which is a short walk from Te Papa along the Wellington Waterfront.

You can register for the dinner on the Events page.

Be in quick as seats are limited and we reward registrations received before the 26th of February with a $20 discount.

Comms Connect Wellington 2016

The draft program for Comms Connect Wellington is nearing completion and registrations for the conference can now be made online.

At this years’ conference Radio Spectrum Management Group will again update us in a keynote address about the latest developments in their area and we are also expecting an update from the Ministry of Communications.

Comms Connect 2016 is the successor of the successful RFUANZ Conference and Exhibition. Last year RFUANZ entered into an agreement with Westwick Farrow Media to organise this conference in association with RFUANZ. Westwick Farrow Media has, in association with our Australian counterpart ARCIA, successfully organised Comms Connect in Australia for many years and RFUANZ has decided to use their expertise and industry knowledge to further grow the conference in New Zealand.

As the Conference and the Dinner are now organised by different parties, there are separate registrations for each event.

Registrations for the conference can be done at at and for the dinner on the Events page. Registrations made before the 26th of February will receive a discount.

The case for Unlicensed Spectrum in the USA

Brian Schatz is an American politician who is the senior United States Senator for Hawaii. At 43, he is the 4th youngest US Senator. He is also the man behind the Promoting Unlicensed Spectrum Act, which argues that more unlicensed spectrum should be made available, given that it has become a critical driver of innovation and economic growth in the US, contributing over $220 billion to the annual economy.

In addition, Cisco pointed out that unlicensed spectrum is critical for the healthy growth of America’s mobile broadband networks, estimating that the majority of mobile data traffic will be routed via Wi-Fi by 2016.

If the growing demand of unlicensed spectrum can be sustained, connected devices in the Internet of Things will create an estimated $19 trillion in economic activity in the US by 2020.

Of course, all of this relies on US lawmakers getting their spectrum policy right.