The RFUANZ Committee meets monthly to discuss and progress various initiatives for our members.

The committee is made up of elected volunteers from the industry alongside paid contractors who provide administration, finance, event management, and marketing services for the association.

RFUANZ Committee 2022 - 2023

Regular agenda items are the major portfolios that each have various activities and initiatives being considered or progressed:

  • Industry Awards and Annual Gala Dinner
  • The association website and other media presences
  • Membership and Marketing
  • Radio Spectrum Management matters and engagement
  • Industry technical training and qualifications
  • Association finances

Committee members share responsibility across these portfolios and sub-committees are also established to progress specific initiatives. 

Like any association, while the committee represents RFUANZs members through their own industry involvement we always welcome input and requests from members on topics or initiatives they would like to investigate or progress.

Meet the Committee

John Laughton


David Johnston


Debby Morgan

Secretary / Treasurer

Desirē Morris

Events & Marketing

Trinity Matika

Admin & Marketing

Corey Weir

Mike Head

Dale Roberts

Carl Garner

Graham Markson

Soren Low

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