Back into it New Zealand

By John LaughtonChairman

We gave COVID-19 the same treatment we give Ozzy at a Bledisloe match “Your out Mate” now we just need Merica, strya and the British to sort there ends. As the industry dictates Communications are essential services and that has not slowed throughout the last few months.

As the industry dictates Communications are essential services and that has not slowed throughout the last few months.

Once the call for only essential workers to be working on level 4 came out, it became noticeably clear a lot of people did not understand what it takes to keep the basics running. Communications and Data connection suppliers were inundated as an industry to provide better and newer solutions when the rest of Country was trying to figure out how to survive in their own house and to Mute or not Mute on the Zoom meetings. 

With work and pleasure getting back to normal our primary industry seems to be making leaps and bounds daily. Unfortunately, our tourism sector has taken the biggest hit which is located in every square centimetre of this country. More directly the 6-week lockdown has caused a back log of certifications, refreshers, training, and inductions. 

Adding to this list is the ever-present REG, WOF and Servicing of vehicles, buildings, and equipment. Wow the number of things that went past was astounding End of Years, Stock takes Holidays. Once everybody gets the paperwork sorted its looking to be a good few month in house for New Zealand. 

As levels reduce it is interesting to see the change in people and traffic. Driving in Level 4 was like being back in Southland in the 80s, if you saw another car you were probably related. Down to level 3 and wow, some people were back on the road. Then down to level 2 kids back to school yippy. With the restrictions in place and nobody on the road I was doing more biking and to some extent I have continued this craze. As we went to level one I went for a ride after work, being from the south it does get dark sooner now, this was demonstrated by a small black object coming down the road towards me, as I approached it an orange light flashed from its left side and I unashamedly yelled for the car to turn its lights on. Oh well no one died. 

What is in store for New Zealand and the Radio industry Post Level 1, hopefully not a relapse into Level 2, 3 or 4. Like every other industry I think we need to be kind, look for opportunities and help your fellow Kiwis near and far. New ideas and technologies have been thrown to the forefront and we as an industry are set to provide and advise. We are out of the woods, but we are still a long way from home. 

Stay frosty people.      

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