Monday 12th June before start of Comm’s Connect NZ Conference 2023
Registrations Close Tuesday 6th of June 2023


LoRaWAN 101: Fundamentals


Cost $199 +GST

Who will be facilitating?
Josh Solomon is a highly experienced IoT product manager and consultant with a proven track record of success.
Josh has a strong background in hardware within his role at Go Wireless NZ and is also currently on the software development team for Scopious IoT.
Throughout his career, he has worked with various clients, from small startups to large multinational corporations. He has helped them to conceptualise, develop, and implement IoT solutions that drive business value and improve customer experiences. Specialising in managing and consulting on IoT projects, Josh aims to help make IoT accessible to everyone.

Would this benefit me?
This workshop is designed for anyone. The intent is to empower a person at any stage of their LoRaWAN journey, with extra knowledge to take the first or next step towards improving efficiencies across the board, using LoRaWAN.

What will I learn?
In this workshop you will learn about the key components of a LoRaWAN network – including network architecture, deployment strategies, RF components and common issues/mistakes when setting up a sensor network.

Date: Monday 12th June 2023
Time: 9am – 1pm
Where: Te Pae Christchurch, Room Beasley 5
Morning Tea provided 
Registration Closes Monday 5th June 2023
Only 36 spaces available 


How to protect your RF measuring equipment

Cost $199 +GST

Who will be facilitating?
Steve Williams. MD Electrotest Ltd. Distributors of quality RF Test equipment
for more than 20 years into New Zealand.

Steve has been involved within the RF engineering field for
more than 45 years. This passion starts from the age of about 13 when the
desire to build radio transmitters and receivers started.
His career kicked off in the South African Navy and ending up in
terrestrial RF broadcast engineering for about 24 years before immigrating to
New Zealand in 2000. 
This involved installation and maintenance of Broadcast, FM and TV transmitters
ranging in powers from 1 Watt up to 100KWatt. During that time Steve wrote and
presented many training courses.

Up until 2005, Steve worked in Telecommunications in New
Zealand spending 4 years at Tait Communications before embarking on a
career change into technical sales which now sees him as owner and MD of
Electrotest Ltd for the past 16 years.

Would this benefit me?
This workshop is aimed at those who need to gain knowledge regarding the
pitfall of working with sensitive RF equipment in strong RF
environments. This could save business owners dollars and embarrassment. 

What will I learn?
Why are many valuable test equipment suffering damage?
What you should know before you measure.
Causes of potential damage.
What measures do you take.
What devices can I used to prevent damage.
How to manufacture protection devices.

Date: Monday 12th June 2023
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Where: Te Pae Christchurch, Room Beasley 5

Afternoon Tea provided 
Registration Closes Monday 5th June 2023
Only 36 spaces available 


If you attend both


Training Program Registration

Please fill out form to secure your place in a workshop or both. Date: Monday 12th 2023 Where: Te Pae Room Cost: $199 +GST per workshop Please note - Only Morning Tea will be provided with tea and coffee for 1st session Only Afternoon provided with tea and coffee for 2nd session

Further Study

Once learners have completed the NZC in Electrotechnology (Level 3) they can choose to continue onto one of four different strands.

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