Review of the License Fee Framework

Your feedback is sought to prepare our submission

Radio Spectrum Management is reviewing the Fees Framework and the issues that are relevant for setting the fees for Spectrum users and is asking for feedback on their proposal.

RFUANZ will prepare a submission and is asking you for any input or considerations that we should take into account. On the 24th of November we meet with Mr Len Starling (Policy and Planning),

Mr Jeff Hicks (Licensing Manager) and Mr Chris Brennan (Compliance Manager) from Radio Spectrum Management to discuss this and other matters.

In particular are we seeking feedback on the following items:

  1. A short term reduction in fees followed by an above average increase within 5 years as opposed to a smaller fee reduction that is sustainable for a longer period of time.
  2. The justification for creating a single license fee; being that every license has a similar amount of RSM administration / management.
  3. The non-financial impact of the proposed discontinuation of licence categories for multiple locations on one license for mobile radio and paging.

If there are any other comments you like to make regarding this fee review, please include them in your reply.  You can send your feedback to: or any of the committee members.

Download the public consultation document issued by RSM (PDF, 630 KB)

Thank you,

RFUANZ committee

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