Re-engineered spectrum

RFUANZ is discussing access to the 174-230MHz band with Radio Spectrum Management (RSM).

Key Points:

  • Frequencies in the 174-230MHz band have been freed up due to the change in television channels from analogue to digital.
  • Continuing discussions are being held between RFUANZ and RSM staff regarding current band congestion and access to the 174-230MHz band.
  • Research is planned to establish exact levels of congestion to assist in gaining wider access to the newly available band.

To those planning and designing new landmobile radio systems, it is apparent that there is considerable channel congestion in a number of areas throughout New Zealand. This is particularly apparent in the VHF bands and in the Waikato, Lower North Island and Upper South Island areas.

In October 2013, RFUANZ held a Forum to consider approaches to obtain access to the 174 – 230MHz band. Following the Forum, RFUANZ have had several discussions with the Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) division of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

A further meeting with RSM staff is planned to discuss the causes of the present congestion and options for improving the situation. RFUANZ is also developing a specification to initiate some research into the exact level of congestion present. This will aid the discussions with RSM.

Contact RFUANZ if you require further information.

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