Two Way Radios – An essential part of your business toolbox

Going back a few years now it seemed that mobile radio was nearing the end of its life with our typical users as cellular coverage grew and everyone had a least one cell phone, then came the reality that cell phones do not replace mobile radio.  Mobile radio is a business tool, rather than a toy and a well-planned communication system is critical to the health and safety of your employees.  You won’t catch employees using Facebook or other social media on their two way radios during work time!

Mobile radio systems are designed to provide coverage where people work and under current health and safety legislation you must ensure your employees have a means of communication at all times.  Failure to do this can result in hefty fines not to mention in the event of an accident or incident how this would affect you financially and emotionally.

It is now that we see many new users converting to radio as they realise the benefits that it offers such as:

Service during an emergency or disaster
Failure of cell towers and landlines is common during these times.  Two way radio will continue to work and allows you to communicate with all workers at once, as opposed to individual calls on your phones.

Worker Safety 
Lone worker and man down situations for employees working alone, in remote locations with no cellular coverage or hazardous environments.  Ability to customise and automate alerts for different situations.

Battery Life 
Designed with long battery life, with models being able to continue to operate for 12-26 hours without recharging.

Clear Audio 
An important communication feature is the ability to hear clearly in a noisy environment.  The voice quality in digital mode is enhance through background noise suppression technology which ensures clear voice is delivered in the most extreme scenarios.

Rugged and Long Life Reliability 
Commercial grade equipment that is purpose built for tough environments and less likely to crack or break when dropped.  Designed for resistance to vibration, extreme temperatures and wet conditions.

Value Added Features
The functionality of next-generation digital radios extends well beyond voice communications and includes features such as text messaging and GPS location.

Imagine you are working in a remote location, wearing protective gloves and something goes wrong.  How long would it take to pull out your cell phone, unlock it, find the contact to call and then cross your fingers there is network coverage and that someone answers first time?  Compare this to a one button push to talk to many radio users at once.  I know which one I would rather have….. So the next time you hear “we don’t need radios anymore, we use cell phones” you can be confident in the knowledge that cell phones are not a substitute for two way radio.

Kate Broughton

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