RFUANZ 2022 Awards

The 2022 RFUANZ Awards were presented on the 22nd of June, at the Gala Dinner and Awards Night, to the following organizations/individuals:

Project Excellence – Paul Brooks
(Logic Wireless)

Paul Brooks was the lead designer behind the delivery of the 22 Bishopsgate London Project.  in delivered in conjunction with CSE Chatter Box UK
This project required Logic Wireless to be very responsive to both the technical and commercial needs of CSE Chatter Box.  The deliverables were extremely complicated, so efficient communication was key. One example of responsiveness was meeting the need for a 3D building representation of 22 Bishopsgate within the Logic Connect cloud platform.  This functionality was developed specifically for this project but will end up benefiting other similar users. Paul Brooks was an instrumental figure in this project.

Silver Shield – Keri Cope
(Outback Communications)

Keri started with Outback Communications seven years ago as our office administrator. Since then, Keri has learnt a great deal about our industry and how our business operates. She is now our Office manager, camp mother, and a very instrumental part of our team. Keri overseas our health and safety compliance, inductions, PPE, and training records. This is a thankless task with the never-ending bombardment of health and safety compliance now required by businesses. Keri takes this all in her stride and keeps us all on the straight and narrow. Keri has helped to implement our safe operating procedures including our lone worker policy.

Outstanding Professional – Brent Painter
(Logic Wireless)

Brent is a key technical asset for Logic Wireless our distributor. All large projects that Outback Communications has undertaken has had some input from Brent in one way or another. Brent’s knowledge and passion for the radio industry is second to none. When stuff breaks, at awkward times as it typically does, Brent steps up and provides assistance where he can. Brent is a diligent worker, and always goes the extra mile to assist his customers. If something does not go to plan, he perseveres until it does.

Excellence in Customer Service – Cyley Murphy
(Tait Communications)

Tait Communications being the local manufacturer, the radio industry has high expectations of Tait although some 90% of its products are sold offshore. Trying to balance the systems and processes of a large company and the flexibility and responsiveness of a small company is often difficult. Cyley makes this much more achievable due to her friendly and personable manner but more importantly, through her integrity and commitment to look after her customers. Her interactions with both direct and indirect customers throughout the market invariably means they will rely on her for future requirements too. Cyley is known for her wicked sense of humor, and you can tell she really cares for what she does.

Rising Star – Scott McMillan
(Hi Tec Aerials)

Scott joined the Hi-Tec Aerials team and diligently applied himself to whatever tasks he was given, be it individual or a joint task. Since joining he has worked closely with all Hi-Tec Aerials staff and Directors, developing relationship with members of a wide age range and background. His willingness to learn has meant his development has fast and earned him additional responsibilities within the business. Over the last two months Scott has been applied himself in different product applications from external Consulting on new product development for IoT devices, internal product development using new materials and designs, and new business responsibilities and responsibilities for staff – all of which Scott has taken in his stride.

Lifetime Service Award – Neville Digby
(Orion Group)

Neville’s knowledge of the wider radio industry, and how it can benefit a business operationally to achieve immediate goals and longer-term requirements is outstanding.

Neville has never been one to find a solution then consider it job done. He is always on the lookout for new developments in the radio industry (and wider communications industry as a whole), keeping his finger on the pulse and engaging with a wide network of other radio users to find out what new ideas are out there, and actively pursues anything that may be of interest or he can see develop into something of wider use.

Neville has been key to ensuring that Orion is right up there as a leader in applying Radio and related technologies to enhance their electricity distribution network, as well as being a visionary supporter of the NZ radio industry, his contribution immense and sustained.
Neville is always looking out for the next generation and has recently reached out to RFUANZ about how Orion can help assist with bringing new blood into the industry. Neville is a worthy recipient of the lifetime service award.

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