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174-184 MHz – Land Mobile Radio technical consultation

The Minister for Communications decided new uses for the former analogue television Band III (174-230 MHz) in April 2017, following a review of options for allocating the frequencies in this band. One of these new uses is land mobile radio services, which is allocated 10 MHz between 174-184 MHz.Radio Spectrum Management has prepared a consultation …

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Re-engineered spectrum: options for 174-230 MHz

VHF Band III between 174–230 MHz is currently unallocated due to the end of analogue television broadcasting. Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) is seeking views from industry on potential future uses for this spectrum, inviting interested parties to comment on the content of a public consultation document. RFUANZ is discussing access to the 174-230MHz band with …

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Re-engineered spectrum

RFUANZ is discussing access to the 174-230MHz band with Radio Spectrum Management (RSM). Key Points: Frequencies in the 174-230MHz band have been freed up due to the change in television channels from analogue to digital. Continuing discussions are being held between RFUANZ and RSM staff regarding current band congestion and access to the 174-230MHz band. …

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Act review

The Radio Spectrum Management Group (RSM) has called for a Review of the Radio Communications Act. On behalf of our members, RFUANZ has submitted a response to RSM, which can be downloaded here. We have also submitted a cross submission after reviewing all other submissions. this can be downloaded here. Since the formal submissions there is an …

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Emergency Liaison Channel

A nation-wide channel to facilitate communications in emergency operations The RFUANZ has established a nationwide VHF simplex channel that is available to members and others to programme into existing radios to facilitate communications between parties involved in an emergency operation. Details of the service are; The channel will be known as MSNX47 for radios with …

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